Baltimore Counts Art Exhibit at The Meyerhoff

Oriet’s Fine Art curated an art exhibit in conjunction with the release of the book Baltimore Counts! written by Siri Lise Doub and Wayne Arnold.  Baltimore Counts is a children’s counting book with illustrations by local artists. 100% of the proceeds from the book are going to ORCHkids! Some of the original artwork from the book will be in a silent auction at the November 3 Exhibit. Book

ORCHkids will make a brief appearance and perform a number just as they recently did for 60 minutes!

 The Baltimore Counts! Exhibit is designed to raise awareness and support for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s program Orchkids.  Orchkids is a program during and after school where children are mentored and taught to play an instrument(s).  Ultimately by the end of the program (Pre-k through 5th grade) they will have something that will change their life…open doors for them and give them a solid foundation for a successful future.Orchkids has given families of these children, Peabody professors, members of the BSO and the Baltimore community a common goal of hope and opportunity for inner- city children.  Every child should be given a chance and ORCHkids is providing this for them!